Our Company


Our branch never stops developing and neither do we! In order to continuously improve ourselves, we closely follow these developments. We have certified ourselves for a large variety of functions in order to be able to guarantee the best possible service for our customers. Additionally, our certification gives us the opportunity to offer practical schooling for students.

A list of our certificates can be found below.

NEN-EN 1090-1

We were among the first steel manufacturers in the Netherlands to obtain the CE-certificate NEN-EN1090-1. Although compliance with this regulation came into effect July 1 2014 we officially received confirmation already in November 2013. With this certificate we are authorized to provide a CE declaration of conformity on all our fabricated structural steel. The certificate shows that our products meet the required legal quality standards.

ISO 3834-2

ISO 3834 certifies the quality of our welding techniques. We have the highest class certificate, ISO 3834 class 2. This means we meet all the quality demands for welding techniques. Our company employs ISO 9606-1 and AWS D.1.1 certified welders and our welding procedures are qualified according to the requirements of ISO 15614-1, AWS D1.1, Norsok M101 and DNV-GL OS C401.

VCA** / VCA Petrochemistry

In Dutch, VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. The VCA certificate is mandatory in order to create a safe work environment and subsequently lessen the amount of accidents and injuries. The VCA is much more than just a mere checklist. It is a versatile program in which companies are examined and certified for their VGM-control system. It is mainly meant for companies that execute activities in a high risk environment. A few examples are factories, machinery shops and construction sites. We have been recertified VCA** again in 2014. The VCA** certificate is valid for three years.

ISO 14001 (environmental management system)

Care and attention for the environment is also something we like to adhere to in our business activities at Hanse. In order to do this properly, we became ISO 14001-certified in 2017. This gives us, among other things, an up-to-date insight into the existing environmental risks, energy consumption, raw materials and waste flows within Hanse. Where possible, we also try to make environmental  improvements and / or savings in the design of our buildings / steel constructions, purchase of materials, production and execution. This has therefore become a major objective within our current business activities.


In order to be able to work safely, proper and safe machinery is very important. We have our own internal inspection body. Its responsibility is to inspect our electrical equipment, ladders, stairs, and mobile scaffolding according to NEN 3140 and NEN 2484 demands. The inspection date of the equipment is never exceeded. ‘Safety above all else!’ is what Hanse stands for.

Authorized Training Company

Finding technically schooled employees is becoming increasingly difficult. Young people are less inclined to choose for technical jobs. Therefore, we believe it is our duty to give students the opportunity to become acquainted with the real world of technology by offering them traineeship or apprenticeship.

We are proud to invest in the future of our young workers!